Tuesday, January 25, 2005


The weekend could have really sucked. Actually a major part of it did, but then there's Shyla.
Ended up alone Friday night. That was not the plan, but things happen. Saturday I cleaned house like mad only to find out my wife was snowed in up North and couldn't get out of the Syracuse airport. Strike two!
Saturday evening I spent with my grandchildren. Now there's joy! My mother was always such an unhappy person. There were some legitimate reasons for that, I know, but it confuses me she didn't draw joy from life from her grand kids.
Anyhow Shyla, who just turned four spent the night. She didn't want me to be alone. What a nice evening and next day we had reading, playing kitchen; we watched Sleeping Beauty together. I hadn't seen that in about 40 years. Sunday we spent at the Aquarium; it was too cold to be outside which she would have preferred. Normally she runs through the aquarium in half an hour, but Sunday we spent nearly two hours there. It was wonderful.
That evening I took her family to dinner. That wasn't so wonderful. Her parents rarely get along, but they're trying.
yesterday Sandy finally got home. This is good. Being alone is always nice for a few days, but it eventually gets old. No one who knew me for the first 39 years of my life ever thought I would be married, at least not to a woman. But it's been very good for me, for us.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Now what have I done

What an elegant rambling I published this afternoon. AND I LOST IT.
Damn I wish I knew a little something about this machine we call a personal computer. My post published and then fooling around, as this is the only way I seem to learn anything, I pressed the little green button beside the blog title. The button said external link. Well, whatever it did my post disappeared. HELP. Anybody know where it went? What the hell is an external link?

Well in case it never reappears, the moral of today's epistle was that I throw like a girl.

I believe that a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars.

It's not really supposed to be 23 degrees in Charleston.
If I wanted to freeze, I'd have stayed in Pennsylvania.

We ran last night , Jack and I, It was about 35 when we were running. I don't much enjoy running when it's near freezing. But then I am pretty much a fair weather runner anymore. I don't do much when it's 90 out either.
Tennis today should be a rush, a cold rush.

Wow, what a jock I must be, running and tennis weekly.
That's about as far from the truth as you can get.
I'm the guy who hated gym class in school, except for maybe the locker room before and after. I can't play basketball, no coordination. Nor is there any baseball or football talent here. My poor dad tried to interest me in playing catch when I was small, but I'd no inclination at all towards throwing a ball back and forth. I watch the neighbor kids do it today and wonder what the attraction is. Although I knew no other 11 year old who enjoyed laying on his back on the lawn, and contemplating Whitman's Leaves of Grass, it's what came naturally to me. Go figure.

But the health thing sort of became a reality in mid life and I do very much enjoy tennis ( although my ex friend Neil calls it a pussy sport) and running too. The latter requires little skill, only a touch of willpower. Tennis , I'm no good at. I just think it's fun.

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Yikes, I just hit publish by mistake instead of spellcheck. I'm really not quite as illiterate as the last post would indicate.

January 13, 1948

Today is my wife's birthday. I'm in Charleston. She's in Ogdensburg , New York. Sucks! Both of her parents who are both 80 something are in the hospital so she's there doing what daughters do when parents are in the hospital.
i enjoy these times alone in the house though. It' s quiet! No TV, no nothing except an occassional meowww from the kitten who's in heat for the first time, poor thing. I've so much to do. i must make myself write some letters, get some work done in the house. But it's so much easier to sit at the computer and talk to no one.

I've just begun rstoration on a hyndred year old Chickering grand. the digital camera is in new York. When it comes home, I hope to include some shots of a grand in various stages of restoration.

So here's hoping I get a few things done this evening before I find the pipe. because after that nothing gets accomplished.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

January 10, 1965

In 52 years, it's easy to point to the worst day of my life, January 10, 1965. My dad was shoveling snow, fell over and died that afternoon. I remember much of it vividly although I have few other memories of being that young. I was 12 years old, had two older sisters, and a brother ten years younger. It took me nearly 3 years to decide life was worth living again after that blow. I was one solitary kid.

I read today a poem written by a 17 year old to his dad. It was really cool. How jealous I am that I never grew up with a dad to thank for all those things! Thanks again, silent.

But today is January 11, a new day. . So much to do. I'm a bachelor for the next two weeks which means twice the work to do around the house but twice the freedom too.

It's all good!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Today was a little better

This new year started off so rough. I couldn't make myself blog for fear of being interpreted as a real bitch. Honestly everything has gone wrong for the past few days. One of those everything you touch turns to shit periods. Some of it is my attitude. I'm not eating, not much anyways. I'm doing some serious new year's dieting , and I do like to eat, on of my many vices. It's one I'm pretty successful at dealing with this time each year though. But I'm beginning to get over the initial withdrawal from food so maybe things will look up. For the record the scale a few days ago said 201. I want it to say 175 to 180. I'm hoping by offering that for public record, it may give that much more incentive to succeed. Problem is most every year I get down to 180; then by the end of the year I'm pushing 200 again. Somebody out there challenge me in some kind of unique way to keep this weight off once lost.

I've run three times this week but it's been a struggle. My old knees really hurt some days. But oh what weather we've had for two weeks straight now. This is why we live in Charleston. It has been gloriously clear and warm every day since Christmas.

I bought my wife her birthday present tonight, a ring she was admiring. She's pleased, and I'm pleased I don't have to shop. Next week she's off to visit the parents so I'm a bachelor for a week. I enjoy some time alone. It'll be a nice week. Lots of extra time to share all my infinite wisdom with the world.

I have to add this before I close. I just did spell check on this post and the first misspelled word it came up with was "blog". Just a little irony there.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Shyla and Danyen Posted by Hello

Shyla Posted by Hello

we're off

time to officially start a new year.
no resolutions can begin mid-week.
it's bad luck to start a diet on the weekend. we all know that
so it's monday, January 3, 2005, and we're off

need to get several things done this month I've been avoiding
need to work hard at losing nearly 25 pounds. it's do-able

and i need to add one more resolution for my own mental health:
I need to find ways to not let the assholes in the world get to me!
I'll be thinking on that.

Now that it's Monday, an official Happy New Year to all!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Yes deer and no deer are back in the attic

The outdoor Christmas decorations all came down today. What a job! We put out so many lights and it's always worth the trouble because the house looks so nice. But it's a lot of work. This year we added the two deer. Shyla, my 4 year old granddaughter, told me the first night they were out, they were saying yes and no because the bucks head went back and forth and the does head moves up and down.

We started out the day today running a 5K race downtown . It was great fun but very difficult as I'd gotten very drunk New Year's Eve and not gone to bed until 2:00am. And I discovered it is tough to run while hungover and tired.

Out to the movies tonight; Spanglish I think. I chose Aviator (Leonardo, you know), but I give in easily and agreed to see Spanglish.

2005, here we go.